Chef s Suggestions

Sweet & Sour Triple 11.25
spicyKung Pao Combination 11.25
spicyKung Pao Shrimp and Chicken 10.50
spicyHunan Dynasty
Hot! Jumbo shrimp, sliced beef & chicken sauteed with mixed vegetable in Hunan sauce
spicyShrimp, Beef & Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce 11.25
spicyHunan Shrimp and Chicken 10.50
spicyGeneral Tso's Chicken 10.25
spicyGeneral Tso's Chicken (white meat) 10.95
Crispy Beijing Shrimp
Hot! Jumbo shrimp fried until crispy then sauteed snow peas, mushrooms, baboo shoots and water chestnuts in sweet & spicy sauce
Sesame Beef 12.25
spicyCrispy Thai-Hing Beef
Hot! Cripsy outside with filet of beef marinated with water chestnuts and snow peas sauteed in chef's special sauce
Seafood Combination
Crab meat, shrimp, scallop sauteed with mixed vegetable in light sauce
Scallop and Beef Imperial 12.25
spicyShrimp and Scallops in Hot Garlic Sauce 12.25
Triple Delight 11.25
Four Seasons
Crab meat, shrimp, chicken and pork sauteed with mixed vetetables.
Six Hapiness
Crab meat, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef & ham sauteed with mxied vegetables in light sauce
Happy Family
Crab meat, shrimp, scallop, chicken & beef sauteed with mixed vegetables in brown sauce